Parent/Carer Partners

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Parent information

Referring a young person to our academy is quick and easy. We aim to see all referrals within 48 hours of calling. When booking an appointment, you will be asked for the name, age and contact number of the person being referred. At particularly busy times in the year this may not always be possible.

You will then receive a text confirmation which includes directions.

As a parent / carer it is really important that you are kept in the loop of your young persons progress. You will receive a phone call to report any unauthorised absences and you will also receive a progress report form (example of form on the left) every 3 months. You are always welcome to call the office at any point to check how your young person is progressing.

Also find a copy of the bursary form/free school meals form (on the left or below if you are viewing on a mobile phone) which all learners aged 16-18 can apply for (please read the qualifying guidance on the form) to support them with their training, for example for food or travel.

Either email us directky at: