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National Citizenship Service

NCS group

We have had another group of learners embark on the NCS programme, which they are thoroughly enjoying. The young people Corbin Buckingham, Jess Dunnell, Kyle Turner, Edno Moreia-Filho, Reece Hepper, Molly Longhurst, Dominic West, Chloe Tripp (pictured left), have had the opportunity to go away to Weymouth for a team building weekend, taking part in many activities like raft building, fire lighting with flints and co-steering to name a few!

The group have now started the second part of the programme which is to organise a community project and give something back to vulnerable people who are most in need of help and support.

They are producing a leaflet and map for the homeless which is weather proof and small enough to carry, which explains lots of services for them in bristol.Many homeless don't know of all the services available as some services have been cut and others are less well known, some services are also heavily oversubscribed.

The group are going to give the leaflets to every service that helps the homeless; these will be distributed far and wide. They are especially keen to get the leaflets to the female homeless population as they are the most vunerable, especially at night.

NCS activities

The leaflets will detail health and mental health services, NHS drop in centres, food kitchens, night shelters, drug and alcohol dependency help etc.

A great project to deliver, we wish them the best of luck and are sure they will produce something hugely valuable!

Here's some quotes from the group: 'This programme has really boosted my confidence'; 'A once in a lifetime opportunity, the co-steering was brilliant'; 'I can't even swim but all my friends helped me once I jumped from the rocks into the sea! A real rush, scary, loved floating in the water'; 'I thought I was afraid of heights but realise not that I'm not'.

Employability and the Civil Service mock interview sessions


Another round of mock interviews were held at the civil Service offices in the later part of last year. A really great experience for our trainees and pre-apprentices, practising their STAR interviewing techniques with volunteers from the MOD, DWP, HMRC, DOT etc...Many thanks goes to Richard Hill OBE for again helping to arrange and oragnise this two day event. The actual process of our learners making the journey to an employer's place of work for a panel interview really does help build confidence and experience.

The learners that took place were: Josh Tiley, Channon Bright, Bradley Jefferies, Lewis Glanville, Jason Watts, Shazana Aftab, Shannon Srnka, Kyle Bradbury, Joe Phillips, George Andrew, Ramayza Rafiq, Mightly Chasara, Connor Withey, Joe Hobbs, Max Ahtom, Kyle Turner, Kumba Koroma, Ricky Hutton, Carl Lewis and Corbyn Buckingham.

t2 group features in the Top 100 at the NCFD 2016 Grand Awards

The National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) has placed t2 group in the Top 100 Index. The Top 100 Index highlights the very best of the UK across 600 organisations.

The Top 100 Index was launched as part of the National Centre for Diversity’s 10 Year Anniversary celebrations. The Top 100 Index was launched as part of the National Centre for Diversity’s 10 Year Anniversary celebrations. The Top 100 was determined by using the key data from the Investors in the Diversity or Leaders in Diversity diagnostics, which UK based organisations have completed. A minority of organisations also completed a separate diagnostic, if they had not completed Investors in Diversity or Leaders in Diversity. The results were entered into a computer system which generated the Top 100, using a percentage based matrix.

Chief Executive of the National Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry, commented: “I am incredibly proud and thankful to all those who attended our first Grand Awards evening. I want to offer huge congratulations to all of our award winners, each of our award winners and those who were shortlisted were very deserving of this level of recognition. I hope to see even more members of the National Centre for Diversity family at next year’s Awards evening!”

CEBR research confirms the value of Apprenticeships

Research just published by the research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has found that higher wages, increased tax receipts and lower benefits costs are all factors in Apprenticeships contributing £34 billion to the British economy in 2014.

Key findings included:

  • For every £1 that is spent on Apprenticeships, the national economy gains £21. This is high in comparison to other expenditure; returns on investment in the innovation, research and technology sectors range from around £4 – £7 per £1 spent.
  • Apprentices are more likely to be in employment for longer, and will receive higher earnings, with wage premiums of 11% for intermediate-level apprentices, and 18% for advanced-level.
  • Employers gain in the long and short term from taking on an apprentice, with the CEBR estimating increased outputs for businesses of £1.8 billion in 2012-13.
  • Unemployment is reduced with £370 million gained from saved benefits per year, thanks to around 99,000 extra employed people as a result of Apprenticeships.
  • The most popular sectors for Apprenticeships are: health and social care (13%), customer service (10%), business administration (8%) and retail and engineering (both at 7%). This is out of a total of 950,313 people participating in an apprenticeship in 2012-13.

These clearly demonstrate both the value that level 2 Apprenticeships offer apprentices in terms of higher earnings and the importance of maintaining Apprenticeships within the service sectors, some of which now have the largest percentages of apprentices participating in Apprenticeship programmes.

Skills Minister Nick Boles welcomed the research saying, “Today Apprenticeships are at the heart of the Government’s drive to equip people with the skills that employers need to grow and compete”. It will be important that the Apprenticeship reforms allow employers a choice over how their Apprenticeships are funded and that the requirement for up-front cash contributions up front is reconsidered if the programme is to grow both in quality and numbers of employers and apprentices participating and maintain its important contribution to the economy.

If you are interested in finding out more about an Apprenticeship with t2 Apprenticeship Academy please email us at or telephone 01179 304 987

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