Are you 16-23 years old old looking to start a career and continue your education at the same time?

What is an Apprenticeship?

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An Apprenticeship is a job, a start of a career which is a great way to learn on the job, building up knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and earning money at the same time. As an apprentice you will spend most of your time in the workplace, gaining job-specific skills as you work. Most apprentices also spend some time away from their duties, receiving off the job training and working towards nationally recognised qualifications.

An Apprenticeship can take between one and four years to complete and the length of the Apprenticeship will depend on its level, the industry and your existing skills. There are three levels you can study at:

  • Apprenticeship (Level 2)
  • Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3)
  • Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4 and above)


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The minimum wage for apprentices as from October 1st 2015 is £3.30per hour, but many employers pay more than this. This is dependent on the sector, region and Apprenticeship level e.g. some Higher Apprenticeships can pay as much as £300 – £500 per week.

As From 2015 all apprentices in their first year of an Apprenticeship will be paid at least £3.30 per hour and you will receive this for the time you spend working, plus the time spent training so that’s £122 a week but many employers pay more than this. This is dependent on the sector, region and Apprenticeship level e.g. some Higher Apprenticeships can pay as much as £300 – £500 per week.

Hours and Holidays

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Your minimum hours of employment should be at least 30 hours per week. In exceptional case, where your circumstances or the nature of employment makes this impossible, then an absolute minimum of 16 hours must be met. The hours you would be expected to work depends entirely on your employer and how their business operates. But there is a limit on the maximum hours you can work, which is 48 hours, or 40 hours if you are aged 18 or under.

You will also get at least 20 days paid holiday a year as well as bank holidays.

t2 Apprenticeship Sectors and Qualifications

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Most people know about Apprenticeships in trades like building or hairdressing, but Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of non-trade sectors.

There are over 250 types of Apprenticeship in a variety of sectors ranging from accountancy and engineering to veterinary nursing and floristry. Employers offering Apprenticeships range from large national companies such as Sainsbury’s and BMW to smaller local companies.

The t2 group delivers Apprenticeship training to employers and young people in the following sectors in the South West region and trains over 7000 learners a year nationally:

  • Business Admin
  • Health and Social Care
  • IT
  • Childcare
  • Customer Service

We regularly encourage local South West employers to hire Apprentices as new staff and deliver all of the training in the workplace with our trained mentors and assessors.

t2 Apprenticeships has an excellent record of success and the vast majority of Apprentices are offered full employment on the completion of their qualifications.

Securing Apprenticeships - A competitive and potentially confusing process

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Choosing which career path to embark on and then securing an Apprenticeship can be a confusing and difficult process as many young people are unsure about themselves and what their skills are suited to and many are applying to secure the same opportunities.

It is a competitive process; employers want the very best candidates to interview and then want the best fit of applicants to hire. Young people want to make sure that their first journey into the world of careers and work is the right one and that it would be a success from the beginning!

How t2 Apprenticeship Academy helps young people

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t2 Apprenticeship Academy in central Bristol is designed to help young people explore career and Apprenticeship options; we have very experienced staff on site, we deliver essential qualifications, confidence and skills that employers are seeking and help young people with the application process, CV writing and interviewing skills that ensures success.

We have outstanding success rates into helping our young students secure exciting and rewarding Apprenticeships.

Not only does our Apprenticeship Academy help many young people into Apprenticeship vacancies that we have created with employers in our delivery sectors but we also help young people into just about every other career sector available, the sectors of their choice basically.

We have referral training partners that can deliver the Apprenticeship qualifications and have vacancies in most sectors. They specifically appreciate our students applying as candidates, as they recognise the great work we have carried out with our students to help achieve their aims of being really employable and matching the skills needs and confidence that hiring employers are looking for.

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